Thursday, February 6, 2014

What about books?

 Before I decided to try and write, before I started analyzing books rather than reading them, before I saw the characters as words on a page rather than potential human beings just like me, before all that, I was just an avid reader.
I read almost everything I could get my hands on: horror stories, thrillers, philosophy, erotica - romance, poetry, everything.
Perhaps not the most pertinent opinion, but nonetheless an opinion, I think that books are meant to create emotions out of nothing.
I could have a bad day and then, just by reading something nice, whatever it was that caused the angst would be gone.
I love to loose myself into the action, the overall emotion and plot. I love to identify with the characters, that is why, sometimes, i hate whiny females or too powerful ones. I want to picture myself as being them. That is the beauty of words. You can imagine yourself as a different person: a classy, sophisticated lady, a dirty mistress, a naive college girl who just met the perfect billionaire. :)
You can be whoever you want. Just by reading a few words.
That is why some books don't appeal to me. They are well written, every dot and coma are perfect, no typos and no mistakes, but the characters are not who I feel them to be.
A good book allows you to be something other than politically correct, it is a fantasy, it is a fairytale.
It doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect for me. It doesn't have to have the perfect man, the one that does all the right things, but the one that sends shivers down my spine.
It doesn't have to have the amazing powerful woman, or the combination between sweet, innocent and witty. It just have to be the right woman at the right turning point in the plot.
Have you read one of those books lately?

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