My friends

Here's a dear friend of mine, also an Author, Crystal Blue.
She just published a very interesting book: Carnal Knowledge and is working on her Heart of Steel Trilogy.

And some amazing blogger who have made my writer life a tad more enjoying (not that it wasn't anyway) :P

Nikki Cole from She always has a "dirty" little comment for me and helped me a lot with her input in Beyond Trilogy!

Brenda Wright from Twinsie Talk, I have mentioned her a lot and I'm sure I will do it again. She was amazing in helping me promote the book. She also does the editing part (not for my books though), so if any of you need her services, don't hesitate to ask.

Wendy, Chris and Mellisa who are my goodreads friends and have been a part of my journey since the beginning.

And there are so many of you who have agreed to help me promote the books through cover reveals or blog tours. Thank you! :)

I hope I'll get to add more of my friends over the years since they are part of my life as a writer.

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