Friday, August 8, 2014

WATER - the spin-off from SMOKE, FIRE and ASHES comes soon

When I first started to write Claire and Sebastian's story I had no idea it would lead to a spin-off. But I'm glad it did.

WATER is the story of Anna, the doctor who took care of Claire in the first book and Sebastian's mysterious friend.
The other character is Jack. He used to be Sebastian's best friend, but during a big misunderstanding that lasted almost 10 years of his life, they fought.
During the second book, FIRE, they reconnect and Jack meets the lovely Anna Miller.

Here's the blurb for the book that will be released in the autumn.

"I am surgeon, and a friend.
I drink wine and love to dance.
Some people might say I am beautiful, it certainly wasn't the case when I was younger.
But I have a secret, a part of my life I would very much want to forget.
I cannot be happy, I am not allowed to be happy.
I need pain to survive as much as need him..."

Anna Miller is an exceptional doctor and an amazing friend. She leads her life as she sees fit and never surrenders in the face of difficult choices. But she has a past, one that left her scarred and damaged.
One day, she meets charismatic Jack Lawson.

Jack is a lawyer with political aspirations. He is a good man, the one that every mother would want for a son-in-law. He seeks relationships and stability.

Jack and Anna live in two different worlds. She needs what he can never give her: pain.

How will Anna redeem herself and make her life worthy of Jack's love? And is love enough to heal Anna and make her a believer?

Follow me to find more about Anna and Jack.

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