Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Smoke is to be published next week - December 7

Due to some technical difficulties I postponed the release of Smoke until 7th December.

And here is something to forgive-me-for-the-delay-hope-you-ll-love-the-book :)


I imagined this a thousand times today, Claire waiting for me half naked with a lingering smile on the corner of her luscious mouth and an unspoken invitation hanging in her eyes. This is so much better, she is almost naked, and she is blushing at the sight of me.
“Hi! I dropped by with your contract and the brief. You left it at the office. Am I interrupting something?”
She looked just a bit embarrassed, like I caught her by surprise doing something she shouldn’t. My perverted mind started to drift away, thinking naughty things one could do at home, alone...
So, before my imagination got wild, I concentrated on her being there and in front of me. I wouldn’t want to lose control like a teenage boy, again.
“Hi, I’m a little surprised by the fact that the CEO is willing to run errands.” A mischievous smile appears on her face.
“You’re very observant, but I have to demolish whatever thought is going through that little head of yours. I was just in the neighborhood so I thought, why not bring them to you? Aren’t you going to invite me in?”
“Are you a vampire?” Claire asked.
That made me laugh. Beautiful and funny. I already knew she was smart, she’s the whole package. Too bad I was not a relationship kind of guy.
“Depends, am I allow to bite you if I am?” I teased back.
She nipped her lower lip and then allowed me to enter her apartment without saying a word.
“So I take it you either believe me when I say I’m not a vampire or you hope that I am…”

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